Get Your Tax Documents Online

February 02, 2023

It’s tax season and we wanted to let you know about our online system where you can access statements, tax documents, and account information online or on the app!

With Account View access, you can choose to go paperless with tax documents along with many other mailings-making the tax filing process faster and easier. By choosing the paperless option, you will receive email notification when tax forms are available online, allowing for immediate access to your documents-versus physical tax forms which are mailed.


eDelivery can help you in multiple ways:

  • You don’t have to wait for paper mailing to file your taxes-you can start immediately
  • If you use TurboTax, you can import information from Account View into TurboTax
  • Convenient access to important documents from one location, anytime, anywhere
  • And of course, less paper to deal with


If you’d like more information or to discuss this new tool, please feel free to call the office.

Get the How-To Guide to get online access